Adrian Lane

These guys are Aces! On time, on schedule and on budget! No messing around, I've dealt with contractors who will say anything to get the job. I'm so grateful to have found these guys and working with them was a terrific experience!

Ray Goldberg

When you meet these guys you'll know you're dealing with business acumen and creative passion. They demo'd and built a new deck for us under the pressure of an upcoming event. Work was timely and solid. Clean up spotless. The guys were friendly and fast. When we needed to make the adjustment, they took it in stride. Best of all, our new deck is gorgeous. Their bid was middle of the road and it was worth it to us to pay for quality.

John Walker

As an engineer I have seen lots of contractors work and my Gold Remodeling Inc. contractors' work is second to none. They paid attention to detail and got the job done in a timely and efficient manner. We were trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by building a new stairs to an attic, and with their skill of craftmanship and code knowledge he realized what was a very difficult task under a lot of pressure. This ability to think on his feet and creative problem solving will mean that I will be recommending him to residential and commercial clients I know who will be seeking an affordable and reliable contractor.

Alexander Hidalgo

Called a few companies to give me estimates on my roof, Gold Remodeling Inc.'s bid came in a bit over budget but the way they explained about the process of replacing the roof I had no doubt the job will be done to my 100% satisfaction, very clean work and the roof look great!

Pete Hunter

They put a smile on my face! Had my wife take care of the kitchen remodeling while I was over seas for work. When I returned 2 months later I couldn't believe my eyes the kitchen I had used for over 20 years was gone, the walls around it were gone as well giving it an open concept, beautiful marble countertops with a stainless steel under mount sink, the cabinets were made out of cherry wood and lovely hardwood flooring, it was just perfect more then I can dream about

Evander Johnson

Noticed a puddle forming in my front yard, at the beginning didn't pay much attention to it but as time passed it started to stink really bad so I got help from Gold Remodeling Inc. to come out, they were highly recommended from a family member, they suspected the sewer line had a crack, so they sent in a special video camera to inspect the pipe, they confirm the pipe was cracked in multiple locations do to tree roots, it took them 3 days to fix the problem, they pulled all city permits and called for inspection, really took away all the headaches associated with a project like this.

Don H.

They did an excellent job on my roof, pulled the city permits for me and took care of getting all the necessary materials.

Diane Brady

My husband and I have been putting off getting our kitchen remodel for years now and finally the folks as Gold Remodeling Inc. convinced us to get it done! At first we were hesitant but once we saw our new updated kitchen we were so happy! We absolutely love our new kitchen and the job that the Gold Remodeling Inc. contractors gave us. They really made sure that we had a good experience with them and made sure we were happy with our results!

Colby Mack

Excellent company. They gave us an inspection after I’d noticed some mold in my kitchen. We were able to tackle the issue before it got worse! I owe them a huge THANK YOU

Albert Park

My family is very grateful to Gold Remodeling Inc. for the beautiful work they did on my home! They were fast, professional, polite--- Thank You!!!!!!!

Homer Beck

I’ve been hunting for roof estimates for months now. It’s not just about the price for me, it’s about having trust in the contractor. Making sure that they are going to do a good job, great materials, and a company I can trust. Gold Remodeling Inc. was able to give me that and owe them a huge thanks!!

Elane Reeves

Gold Remodeling Inc. saved me huge money on my electric bill by convincing me to get double panel windows and it has already paid itself off! Well worth it!

Kent Davidson

My wife and I have always wanted to extend our driveway so that both of our cars would fit. I didn’t even know where to begin looking for that kind of work. I got a call from a local contractor offering me a free estimate and they said they do everything including driveways! Ha! They did a great job and I’m very happy that we were able to find the right person.

Herb Lowe

The most important thing for me is timing. Some companies will have your bathroom torn apart for weeks. Xelor was on time, quick got it done and did a great job. Most importantly my wife is happy

Ivory Doyle

My husband and I really couldn't afford to get work done even though we badly needed it. They gave us a free estimate and when we found out exactly what we’d be getting and at what price I was finally able to convince my husband to get the work done! They did a great job and they helped me convince my husband do to the necessary work we needed done!

Kate Eastwood

They gave me great price to get my roof done. My roof has been leaking for months now and being on social security I assumed I couldn’t afford it. After speaking to a nice young man, I was able to get it done at a price that I could afford and now I have no more leaking. Very grateful and now my grandaughter is having them do work on her home as well.  

Michael Allen

My family and I always dreamed with a swimming pool. Unfortunately, the prices were always prohibitive! But then we found a contractor at Gold Remodeling that offered a very reasonable price. We went for it, and now my kids are able to enjoy a fine pool with their friends and the whole family.

Albert Lee

It is great to find people you can trust to work on your home. I had some negative experiences before with home painting but thanks to this site, I found the right people at the right price. And I have to say, they did an amazing job.

Mary Torres

Our kitchen is badass! It became our favorite place in the house after the complete remodel we did. We found the people to do it rapidly and without major problems. They worked rapidly and left the whole area clean and neat, which is something not too many contractors do. 100% satisfied.

Peter Eisen

We needed a new room to our home because our new baby was coming. With all the hospital and doctor’s expenses, our budget was quite limited. I’m glad we found the right contractors to do the job in no time! Our kid now sleeps in a new, comfortable room thanks to this people.

David Daniels

The apartment I live in had some serious leaking. I looked for a plumber and found this site. Thank goodness I hired a guy who made an incredible job at a fair price. What I was wasting in water bills, I invested it in an enduring, well-done repair.

Kristin Wong

I was quite shocked and upset when I received such expensive electricity bills last summer. The things was my AC system was not working properly and needed some service. After finding the right technician, not only it started working better than ever but also, I started saving a lot of money from my bills!

Linda King

Excellent job on my living room’s floor! I’m so happy! It used to look really nasty after many years of not taking proper care of it. I did some research on the internet and found some very good leads on this website, and I could hire the best guys for my flooring.

Ron Hill

It’s such a relief to find reliable, hassle-free professionals who perform rapidly and at a good price. Such thing may seem impossible, but it happened to me when I visited Gold Remodeling! I recommend this site to all of my friends in need of home improvements.