The top paying profession in the world for the past millennium is sales.

…And there’s 3 main different types of sales positions.
 1. Hourly 
2.  Hourly + commissions
3. Commission only
We all know that the less money you get paid an hour the more money in commission you will make.

A quick look around your neighborhood and you will find that over %95 of people are living paycheck to paycheck, the other %5 are successful and living a life you can only dream of.

The question is why?

For most people or should I say for 95% of the world, working on commission only is a concept they can’t grasp, it’s not in their vocabulary.

The other 5% understands that in order to change their lifestyle and take themselves to the next level they will indeed need to jump in the fire, take risks and go out of their comfort zone.

Don’t think for a second it’s easy, very rich and successful person you meet went through hell in order to achieve what they have.

Doctors, lawyers and professor’s can study for years and still not achieve success, and the ones who do are a very small percent.

Achieving success doesn’t necessarily mean going to school and spending hours on your homework, look at the top successful people in this world and you will see that most of them didn’t even graduate high school!

So what’s the secret?

One word “mindset”!

There’s many levels to mindset but I will focus only on a few here, first, you will need to be willing to stop valuing yourself as a $15 an hour employee, the moment you box yourself in this mindset you have no growth, nowhere to move and you are stuck in one place.

You can’t put a cap on your pay!

Commission only jobs give you the opportunity of exiting the $15 an hour mindset. The exact things that hold you back from changing your mindset are the exact things that will eventually push you forward, that fear of what will happen if you don’t make a penny for a whole month? What will I do then? How will I support my family? on the other side there are NO LIMITS on how much MONEY you can make, think about it no limits on how much money you can make, now think about all the things you can buy, a nice watch, luxury car, huge mansion, yacht, aircraft, and the list goes on.

How do you think all these successful people have it all? They know the secret of controlling their mindset!

Now that you changed your mindset and are started in the commission only sales industry it’s time for the second and most important mindset.

The mindset of “never giving up”

Ones you are in the fire and are started in your new career you are not done, you just getting started, it’s very easy to give up at this point at the beginning, ones the honeymoon phase is over and you realize that things are not as easy as they looked like at the beginning, this is where most people give up and go back to their $15 an hour jobs.

You just felt a little pain and you give up?!

What do you think it’s easy?!!
It’s going to be hard! very hard!!
If it was easy everyone in this world would be a millionaire!


Giving up at the beginning of the road to success is a common thing, more than 75% of people don’t make it past the 2-week mark.

In order to make it you will need to set a few new rules and practices.
1. Mindset
You will need to tell yourself and your subconscious mind that for the next 3 months you are not really going to make any money and if you do that’s a bonus, it will be easy on yourself knowing that you have 3 months to make money and the unnecessary stress of not making money for the first 2 weeks will go away and will let you focus on your job.
2. Set a Define Goal
It’s not enough to say I want to make fifty thousand a month!
I want you to write down 10 things you want to achieve in the next 12 months, be very detailed on what you want, if it’s a car you will want to write down the exact make and model, interior and exterior color, the more details you write down the faster you will achieve your goals, put the paper in your wallet and make sure you read your goals 3 times a day.
3. Vision Board 
take a blank canvas and attach to it photos with all your dreams, fantasies and goals, I recommend going online and picking pictures of the things you want.
On your vision board you can go wild and pick photos of anything you want, then print them out and attach them to your vision board, put it in a place where you can see it when you wake up and before you go to sleep, when you look at the vision board feel like you already own your dreams, feel the worm feeling running down your veins, before you know it you will start accomplishing your dreams and goals.
4. Meditation
Put on a set of headphones and listen to some uplifting vibrational manifesting recording, while you visualize all the things you want, do it for 1 hour daily, that alone will make a huge difference.
5. Motivation
Stop listening to music in your car on the way to work, I want you to start listening to motivational speakers, sales training audio, you need to be on the right frequency in order to succeed.

30 days later and I promise you you will never go back, it will be hard for you to understand how you didn’t make this changes years ago, the amounts of money you will make a year from now, you can only imagine.


Josh Blum


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